Homosexual, Convicted Thief, Closer of English Church, Vatican Awardee - What Else?

Jim McManus, 54, the lobbyist of the English bishops who persuaded the British government to close the churches even for private prayer, is a convicted thief, homosexual and former Protestant minister, uncovered (May 13).

Born a Catholic, McManus started his career in 1985 as the secretary for a group of Scottish homosexuals.

In the 1990s he apostatised because of the Church's stances on homosexual fornication, becoming a minister of the homosexual Metropolitan Community Church (MCC).

In 1996, McManus concluded that “coming out” as a homosexual is “sacramental” because “God" is the one "who makes me ‘come out’.”

He attempted becoming an Anglican minister but left his first assignment after parishioners refused his homosexual militance.

In 1999, McManus was convicted of 11 counts of theft against a HIV/AIDS charity he helped to found, and was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

Now, he was ready to be recycled by what calls itself "Catholic Church." In 2003 he became the Vice-Chair of the Health and Social Care Advisory Group to the English Bishops’ Conference. He is also the Chair of the Governors of the Catholic “Anscombe Bioethics Centre” at Oxford University.

The convicted thief was a trustee of Birmingham Diocese (2011 to 2015). In 2011, McManus was awarded the Good Samaritan Medal by Vatican Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski (+2016).


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