Did "Conservative" Lincoln Seminary Have Homosexual Subculture?

Lincoln Diocese, Nebraska, USA, "is aware of past reports of conduct contrary to prudence and moral law" by its former vocations director, Monsignor Leonard Kalin (+2008).

In a statement to CatholicNewsAgency.com (August 1), Lincoln diocese says that it did address allegations of [homosexual] misconduct directly with Kalin.

The diocese responded to an article published on TheAmericanConservative.com (August 1) by Peter Mitchell, a former Lincoln priest.

Mitchell entered the famous "conservative" Lincoln seminary aged 20, in 1994, under Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. He was ordained a priest in 1999 and laicised in 2017.

According to Mitchell, social life in the seminary centred around partying, cigarettes, alcohol and movies during the night – including trips to a beach house.

Mitchell describes the seminary and diocese as “an overwhelmingly homosexual environment where sexually active gay priests protected and promoted each other”.

He writes that Kalin was known for heavy drinking, chain-smoking and frequent gambling. According to Mitchel, Kalin cultivated the ritual of taking walks with individual seminarians who then were invited to assist him in taking a shower.

Kalin’s favoured seminarians and “intimate friends” allegedly moved on to become those in power in the diocese.

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