German Bishop: Hardly Any Resistance in Rome to the German Synod

The German state bishops experienced "resistance" only from a part of the Roman Curia during their November 2022 Ad Limina visit according to Aachen State Bishop Helmut Dieser (Domradio.de, 12 January).

The Roman interlocutors were mostly "rather silent" in conflict talks where the bishops stressed that all the topics of the German Synod are also contained in Francis' Synod.

Dieser mystified that the opponents of a "change" [= decadence] are "vocal," "well connected," and "highly aggressive" - a classic case of psychological mirroring of somebody who knows the highly aggressive power of the oligarch media front behind him.

He insisted that the Gospel is "inclusive" and difference is to be endured. The core of sin is to experience what is foreign [= Catholic faith] as "threatening."

Dieser confirmed that the German state bishops have a document in the drawer that wants to grant active homosexuals and adulterers a [diabolical] "blessing".

In the "cultural circle" in which Dieser moves, it is "not a nuisance" to bless sin, he says. Of course, he also wants invalidly ordained women priests.

Picture: Pressefoto, SynodalerWeg.de, #newsLzrehvodqq

Tony M
It would be ridiculously extreme naivety to think they did not have Bergoglio's support..... given Jorge's multi-heretical performance from the Chair of Peter over the last 10 years.
Live Mike
John Fritz Logan
This contradicts what some of them said previously, but it looks like they might be trying to move faster, which similar to the Flemish bishops last year could indicate that they're running out off time. He did not suggest support from Francus though.