New Archbishops Of Paris And Mexico City

On December 7, Pope Francis appointed Nanterre Bishop Michel Aupetit, 66, as the new archbishop of Paris, France, and Tlalnepantla Cardinal Carlos …
😡 😡 Aguiar was one of the bishops who remained silent when Peña Nieto promoted THE "GAY MARRIAGES" AND ADOPTION OF CHILDREN BY HOMOSEXUAL COUPLES
Mons Carlos Aguiar Retes, the newly-appointed cardinal of Mexico City, has been considered so close with the ruling PRI in EdoMex that the government there paid for his archdiocese’s catechism instructors
- Cardinal archbishop of Paris replaced today: 75 years, 1 month
- Cardinal archbishop of Mexico City replaced today: 75 years, 6 months
- Cardinal archbishop of Washington, still in office: 77 years, 1 month