Bishop Goes On Hunger Strike

Matagalpa-Esteli Bishop Rolando Alvarez, Nicaragua, has begun a hunger strike against President Daniel Ortega.

He took refuge in a Catholic church in Managua claiming that national police car followed him throughout Thursday and that his home and the home of his parents were harassed by police. Police have told him that they are only obeying orders.

Alvarez is a stern critic of Ortega. He wants a promise to respect his family's privacy. Other priests are reporting similar types of harassment.

The Nicaraguan population and Francis - who removed an auxiliary bishop opposing Ortega from the country - support the government (approval rate of 70%) while the US and the local church oppose it. The Vatican who loves to get involved in politics, says little about Nicaragua although the government kicked out the Nuncio.


Jeffrey Ade
He will die! God bless him!