Vatican Criticises Expulsion Of Nuncio

The Vatican released a March 3 statement calling the forced exit of former Nuncio Sommertag from Nicaragua serious and an "unjustified unilateral move."

Sommertag had to leave the country immediately after being notified of the measure, “Such a disposition is incomprehensible since Mons. Sommertag has worked tirelessly for the good of the Church and the Nicaraguan people,” the statement says.

Jan Joseph
Stelletje politieke criminelen.
Louis IX
Only the Vatican can toss bishops out willy nilly! ;)
Agatha James
Referencing the linked article. From my conversations with a Nicaraguan immigrant, it is a pretty tough country to live in. A lot of violence and the government is not your friend. Years ago I asked about travel there and he said to go to Costa Rica.