Meanwhile, the apostate Argentine pedophile priests who are accomplices of Bergoglio have the option of leaving prison to go home.

BREAKING: Pro-life rescuer Heather Idoni sentenced to 24 months, denied home detention despite stroke …

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life advocate and mother of 15 Heather Idoni was sentenced by …
Ralph Alexander Michael Curtis
Vatican II has done to the Faith what a desalination plant does to sea water. It produced another product. Undermine the Papacy and the Sacraments and Our Redeemer is no longer present as He is intrinsic to them just as salt is intrinsic to salt water.
Father Karl A Claver
I believe Our Lady's arm is getting tired, trying to keep Her Son from punishing us.
Billy F
Just another day in Modern Amerika!