Socialist Taliban Take Down Cross (Shocking Video)

Son Servera town council, Mallorca, Spain, led by the socialist Taliban Natalia Troya Isern, 42, showed their hatred against Christ by destroying the Cross of the Fallen located in the Plaza de la Tercera Edad.

The Cross that had no inscription was for decades a part of the town’s monuments. In June an application was registered for the cross to be listed as monument. This file is still pending.

The town council invokes the controversial "Law of Historical Memory," which was passed by the Taliban Socialists during the term of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and maintained by the [“conservative”] Partido Popular during its subsequent absolute majority.


Those idiots. ALL will bow before the Cross of Christ one day. And will kneel before His glorious Throne and acknowledge He is King of kings and Lord of lords, as He reigns and rules the nations with a Rod of Iron.
Marxism being marxists... This is the "tolerance" the radical Left is already importing to Americ, if only illegally.
The cross will one day land on their heads
Jesus is Lord of Lords and king of kings ,These people are are deceived fools