After 30 Years: Tetraplegic Priest Died

Father Luis de Moya, 67, died on November 9 in Pamplona, Spain. In 1991, he fell asleep at the wheel causing a terrible accident which made him lose all mobility and sensitivity in his body, from the neck down.

De Moya warned of euthanasia, “Help them not to suffer, don’t kill them.” And, “Many go through the same suffering. May they live with the hope that there is no pain in eternal life.”

In 2013, De Moya said that when a patient receives adequate palliative and psychological care, he doesn't ask for euthanasia, “This is statistically verified and published."

Refusing to be dependent on others and refusing clearly needed help was not a virtue for him, but pride.

De Moya said that he was suffering “in the most realistic way that there can be: conscious of being in God's hands; the least realistic thing is to live as if He wouldn’t exist.”

When asked how a good God can allow his suffering, he cut short, “If you really believe that God is good, the matter ends here: God is good. Full stop. What seems terrible from our point of view is not so terrible from God's point of view.”

“I wouldn't trade places with anyone, because I have the experience of how wonderful God is,” he witnessed, “God allows evil, but He does not abandon us to it.”


Jeffrey Ade