Seer Who Became Transvestite on Trial

When Paolo Catanzaro was 17 he claimed that Our Lady was talking to him. This was in Uggio, Italy, in 1991. For over 20 years Catanzaro gathered a big following.

He delivered messages of Our Lady and showed his stigmata. Hosts appeared mysteriously in his hands. Oil for the sick flew from his rosary beads. The Vatican never endorsed Catanzaro who cashed over 4 million Euros in donations.

He even induced a female follower to offer herself to rich men whom Catanzaro wanted to attract. When she remained pregnant, she was told by Catanzaro that Our Lady wanted her to abort the baby. She obeyed.

Five years ago Catanzaro began a career as a transvestite. He called himself "Sveva Cardinale", appeared as a showgirl and actor and is now living with another man. The oligarch media celebrated him as a transgender hero.

Catanzaro’s glory came to an end in February, when he was accused of embezzlement. He is currently awaiting trial.

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