Cardinal: German Bishops Are Irrelevant for Universal Church

Stockholm Cardinal Anders Arborelius, Sweden, deplores the decisions of the German Synod.

He told Die-Tagespost.de (25 April) that the view of the German bishops regards only a small part of the universal Church:

"The German view will not be as important as one might think in Germany." Once the Germans find out about this, "it can be very embarrassing."

Majority decisions are not the same as the voice of the Holy Spirit, Arborelius added: "The Bible speaks of the small group of saints who keep the faith."

Picture: Anders Arborelius © Frankie Fouganthin, wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsWizkxnfcht

John A Cassani
They may be a small minority, and should be irrelevant, all else being equal, but they are still swimming in church tax money, and that buys influence. Especially in Rome.
Hound of Heaven
It may well be that the proper honorific for a number of the 'bishops' (or masquerading as such) should be 'Your Irrelevance'.
“The faith and the tradition of the churches founded in Germany are no different from those founded among the Spanish and the Celts, in the East, in Egypt, in Libya and elsewhere in the Mediterranean world.” St Irenaeus
John Fritz Logan
I good cardinal appointed by Pope Francis like Muller, Bo and Lavadaria.