Francis Told Retired Bishop: PiusX "Not Schismatic"

Francis who believes that "God wills all religions", told retired Chur Bishop Vitus Huonder, Switzerland, that the Society Pius X is "not schismatic", Huonder said in a CertamenProject.de video (April 24).

Huonder, 80, who was a cowardly and mediocre diocesan bishop, now lives in a Swiss PiusX boarding school.

Cardinal Müller, then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, asked him in 2015 to "start a dialogue" with PiusX. The aim, Müller said, was to develop a "personal relationship" and to engage in "doctrinal discussions".

Huonder confesses that [only] in recent years has he gained “a new perspective,” a “new view of the last 70, 80 years” of Church history calling the current Church situation “one of the greatest crises in its history.”

Paul VI was “very fond of liberal, progressive circles” and promoted them, says Huonder. The Novus Ordo (1969) was “the beginning of the great suffering of the Church.”

Huonder, who promoted the Novus Ordo throughout his life admits, “Nothing has been more disruptive to the unity of the Church than the new liturgical order.”


It's doubtful that the Holy Father believes ANYONE is in schism, as schism is an "outdated notion."
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Don't use the term "Holy Father" for Pope Francis. Many traditional/faithful Catholics find giving him that honorific very offensive considering the last 10 years of his term.
Correct. Use Mr. Bergoglio or El Gordo. He is neither “holy” nor my “father”.
They always start saying something once they are retired. I hear almost no one while they are active.
John A Cassani
Better late than never. He seems like a genuinely good man to me, and I’m not sure he was paying too much attention before he retired.
He gives the impression that many bishops just didn't want to listen to what Lefebvre was actually saying, and instead listened to the modernists mischaracterizations of him.
They'll all have to explain themselves to the Lord eventually. Probably best for them to keep THAT in mind.
J G Tasan
Truly said!
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Paul VI destroyed the Mass and Catholic life (and they made him a "saint". HAHAHAHAHA. There's even strong rumors that he was an active homosexual while living in the VAtican under the roof of Pius XII, who apparently, never knew about it.
Aaron Aukema
Randy Engel, in his "Rite of Sodomy", says Montini was definitely an active sodomite.
You sow doubt about Pius XII without foundation.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
I said the great Pope Pius XII never knew about it, which is totally different to saying he knew about it (which would imply he knew and did nothing). Which isn't true. He knew Montini was a rad liberal and not to be trusted, so he shipped him off to Milan without naming him a cardinal, bypassing him in the consistory of 1954.