Crocodile Tears: Attacks Against Ratzinger Are ONLY Politically Motivated

The selective use of abuses proves that abuse hysteria is not about “protecting children” – the same abuse witch hunters call abortion a “human right” – but damaging the Church.

Therefore, They don't care about Francis’ role in this matter because Francis is on their side.

In 2018, Martin Boudot published "The Code of Silence" showing that Archbishop Bergoglio refused to listen to seven alleged abused victims and promoted the defence of Father Julio César Grassi who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for abusing children aged 9-17.

Boudot met five women and two men allegedly abused by Buenos Aires priests. They all tried to contact Bergoglio but “no one” received a reply.

When Bergoglio became Francis, they tried for eight months to be received by him, in vain. So they went to meet him during a public audience in St. Peter's Square, asking him: "Did you try to influence the Argentinean justice system in the Grassi case? Why did you commission a counter-investigation?" Francis, unable to control his emotions, snapped: "Not at all" (photo).


Francis should ditch that suitcoat. It makes him look like Marvel Comics super-villain Kingpin.
la verdad prevalece
At this point, Bergoglio's defenders appear to be advocates of pedophilia. 🥴 🤔 Since it is not explained how, given the facts, they continue to defend the accomplice of a network of homosexual pedophiles. Bergoglio should be in jail.
Jan Joseph
Wanneer wordt paus Franciscus afgezet door de Kardinalen en bisschoppen.