Another Australian State Turns Listening to Confessions Into a Crime

More and more Australian federal states turn listening to confessions into a potential crime.

Queensland passed a September 8 law, threatening priests with three years in prison if they don't report to police alleged sexual abuses of which they have heard during confession.

South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory have already enacted similar hate-laws.

Townsville Bishop Tim Harris said (Twitter.com, September 8) that Catholic priests will never break the seal of confession.

Many Bishops and priests have publicly declared that they will rather go to jail than to obey these unjust laws.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsMayifmhwin

I'd like to believe Catholic priests would rather take the three year prison sentence as political martyrs rather than break their vows.
Another Australian State confesses criminality as its modus operandi.
Dr Bobus
Fascism comes to Australia