Is the Coronavirus the Reason for Francis' Problems?

Francis’ Pontificate is stuttering, his long-term friend Elisabetta Piqué admitted on LaNacion.com.ar, (September 6).

She mentions Francis' caging in the Vatican, the absence of faithful, the financial problems, and the reform of the Curia. The culprit is for her the coronavirus.

Francis has not seen his Council of Cardinals since February. Before the coronavirus they met four times a year, although only six of the originally nine cardinals are left.

Piqué writes that Francis and the Vatican [rightly] shun virtual meetings with tools like Zoom “for fear of infiltration and for security reasons.”

However, it is likely that Francis uses the coronavirus as a pretext because he has little use for dialogue and prefers cardinals who quietly rubber-stamp his decisions.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsCxkemubfsu