Gänswein’s Sacking is Sign of Francis’ Weakness

The harmonious cohabitation between Francis and Benedict is gone “for ever” after Archbishop Gänswein’s firing, who in Santa Marta was called “the third pope”, writes Massimo Franco (, Febbraio 8).

For Franco, Gänswein’s removal is a sign that Francis has grown weaker and more unsecure and is worried about an increased amount of criticism.

Therefore, he needs to underscore that he alone is the pope, especially in the face of Benedict who is “influential almost against his will,” Franco says.

He stresses that even the circumspect Vatican Secretary of State Parolin emphatically stressed after Gänswein’s removal that “the Pope is the one who has authority” adding that “who doesn’t have this authority is not Pope anymore.”

Such statements are for Franco a sign that Francis’ pontificate has entered a more difficult phase.


Franco's off the mark in his analysis. Indeed, the Antichrist holds the strings well; simply, on one day he tightens the string harder on one side and on another day harder on the other. Bergoglio is a fine strategist who knows what he's doing, and his devil Maozim tells him in his ear how to proceed, and his guy obeys?
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The cracks in the carefully constructed scenery that conceals the false pontificate of Francis 1st are getting bigger.
No doubt the Ganswein affair has played a part in this.
The unauthorized communications from Pope Benedict to Cardinal Sarah lie at the heart of this.
Ganswein was not vigilant enough and had to be punished by Bergoglio the Merciful.
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