Bolivian Politician With Rosary: “Pachamama will never return”, “Bolivia belongs to Christ” (Video)

Luis Fernando Camacho, one of the leaders of the coup d’état in Bolivia, appeared with a rosary in his hand in a video entitled "#Christ is back in the Palace."

After the removal of Evo Morales' government, he stormed into the presidential palace saying in a speech: “Pachamama will never return to the palace, Bolivia belongs to Christ.”

Camacho is known for his regular references to "God's power." He also deposited a Bible in the government building in La Paz.

A lawyer, businessman and politician, he has been the chair of the Civic Committee of La Santa Cruz since 2019.


Gesù è con noi
May God free Bolivia from Paganism and and may God free the Church from all apostates who have betrayed Christ from within the Church.
Gesù è con noi
No one makes fun of God with impunity, Bergoglio and his accomplices will receive for all eternity their deserved punishment for their betrayal.
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Novella Nurney
Let us pray it is so.