Pope Francis Uses Canonisations For “Populist Reasons”

Only a blinded neo-con who renounced his intelligence believes that Paul VI or Archbishop Oscar Romero are saints the way the Church understands sanctity – the Argentinean blog Caminante-Wanderer wrote on October 18.

For the blog, Paul VI and Romero were canonised by a “pure act of the will” of Francis who uses canonisations “for populist purposes” in order to paint a “retrograde” Church with political correctness.

The blog takes chastity as an example to show how the virtues, once at the center of a canonisation, have become unimportant details:

• after Bishop Maccarone of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, appeared in 2005 in a video engaging in homosexual fornication with his driver, Bergoglio called this an “act belonging to Maccarone’s private life.”

• in 2012 Bergoglio defended Bishop Fernando Bargalló of Merlo-Moreno, Argentina, who was photographed in an exclusive Caribbean hotel embracing a blond concubine.

• in 2013 Francis said that he had no right to judge Monsignore Ricca’s homosexual escapades. Ricca runs the Vatican hotel were Francis lives and is his contact man to the Vatican Bank.

• in 2018 Francis promoted Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra as the Substitute at the Secretary of State who has a history of homosexual fornication.

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsUywlqqjern
JP2 also completed PVI's ill-judged or malign tinkering with the canonisation process.
JPII is the one who started the "saint" factory. One in his long list of colossal blunders.
Please God banish the stench of homo-heresy from the Vatican soon.