World Family Congress Capitulates To Gay Propaganda

The final declaration of the Verona World Congress of Families (March 29 to 31) has surrendered to gay ideology by calling for the "protection from any unjust discrimination" due to "sexual orientation," Roberto de Mattei notes on (April 1).

De Mattei points out that gay propaganda is precisely trying to present Christian criticism of homosexuality as "homophobic discrimination" which should be "punished by law."

He criticizes the lame reaction of the Congress’ organizers to the accusation that they are fighting a "battle in defence of the family". The organizers replied that they do not fight but only present a "proposal."

Instead, they should have said according to De Mattei, "This is not a battle, but a war."

After twelve uncontroversial events, the 13th Congress attracted hoards of violent feminists, gay ideologues and anti-family activists.

De Profundis
Religious sisters could be seen on local television calling homosexuality an “abomination” and a “sin against God.”
De Profundis
And no Catholics protest the gay church. Francis on down. Everyone bends over....pun intended