Italy, Church Becomes Mosque for One Day

The parish-church of St Anthony in Taranto, Italy, was turned into a mosque for an Islamic vigil, writes voxnews.info (December 21).

Koran verses were recited in Arabic and Italian. The parish-priest, Fr Carmine Agresta, a cleric dressed as a layman, sponsored the event together with the local Imam.

Islamic immigrants and parishioners were present in the pews.

@Dr Stuart Reiss: I said I hope because I know it is what SHOULD happen, not because it is what I expect (as sad as it is)
I don't think I'm being cynical to say that the Priest responsible has lost his soul. I'm waiting for the resulting earthquake!
God won't be mocked! If that Priest is not scared then he should be! He WILL be punished assisting Lucifer in inviting Blasphemy to be spoken within Our Lord's ancient Churches.
I hope the bishop reconsecrated the Church after the Muhammadin desecration
The moslems must be in utter disbelief that Rome (apostate Rome) is allowing them into their churches to read from their satanic Koran. Rome has lost the faith and anti - Christ awaits.
Joseph a' Christian
Muhammad was a thief and a murderer. He and his first followers robbed and murdered travelers on the road to Mecca. This is the way this satanic gang accumulated wealth.
Muhammadism is just satanism hiding behind a veil.
Jesus healed people suffering from: leprosy, blindness, crippled bodies, uncontrollable bleeding...
Jesus Is one with ALMIGHTY GOD.
Happy Christmas!!