Live-streamed Mass: Communion for Anti-Child Politicians

Irish pro-abortion politicians took Communion at the funeral Mass of the Irish socialist politician John Hume, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate highly praised by the oligarch media.

The sacrilege happened in Derry (August 5). Derry Bishop Donal McKeown was present and began by reading messages from global celebrities including Francis, the Dalai Lama, Boris Johnson and Bill Clinton.

Simon Coveney (pictured), the Irish Foreign and Defence Secretary picked Communion with his hand (video below) although he has supported legalising abortion in Ireland in January 2019. In its first year, this law killed 6,666 children.

Michelle O’Neill, the Northern Irish deputy first minister, also stood there to take Communion. In January she was banned from speaking in a parish because of her pro-abortion stances. In April, she called for self-made abortions at home.

Belfast Father Patrick McCafferty criticised the sacrileges on which censored the commentary. He had written:

"Politicians who promote the grave sin and crime of abortion have departed from the Catholic faith. Even though they may continue to attach to themselves the label 'Catholic,' they are no longer, in truth, Catholics."


There were 6666 abortions in Ireland last year: "The National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) previously pointed out that the HSE pays GPs approximately €450 to provide an abortion but just €250 to look after a woman during pregnancy."
Alex A
Ireland has become, a very sad, sad country. It could be argued, even sadder than during the 'troubles'.
Be Ye Separate
What an inhumane scene, with all those people muzzled in Church.
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