Archbishop Gullickson: Corona May Be the Coup de Grâce for the New Rites

Many Catholics are clinging to the Novus Ordo “in desperation” rather than to embrace “a full project” of the Vetus Ordo, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson writes on (August 8).

He wishes “a true paradigm change” as opposed to a “hermeneutic of continuity, whatever that is supposed to entail.”

Gullickson stresses that this paradigm change is more than a “ritual rerooting.” It embraces “a full project of being the Church” considering that, after the Council, a once multifaceted Catholic life has been dismissed and Mass was secularised to a “discursive exercise.”

The Archbishop asks if the civil coronavirus measures “do not amount to a coup de grâce for the Novus Ordo” because they took many practicing Catholics “to the point of no return” so that Sunday Mass attendance has become discretionary.

For Gullickson the Novus Ordo has been “totally relativised” by curfew and sanitary distancing.

According to him, this can only be partly explained with live-streamed Novus Ordo which lured people away since live-stream brought more people into Traditional Latin Masses.

The big upside of Covid is that the Novus Ordo has become a bit more tolerable. In our parish gone are the lay readers, most ministers of the Eurcharist, bad singing, the greeting before Communion.

God does work in mysterious ways.
Gonna be a tough "Coup De Grace" when bishops are banning communion on the tongue. Just sayin'.