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PiusX: $1000 Fine For Celebrating Mass

Our Lady of the Angels Church in Los Angeles, California, cancelled all Masses from last Sunday after the Health Department checked on the church on October 13/15 and inflicted a $1000 fine for violation against the coronavirus regime.

The church is operated by the Society of PiusX which has appealed against the measure because it violates the rights of speech, assembly and free exercise of religion.

However, its lawyers asked PiusX to avoid more fines. Therefore, the church was locked.

Picture: © SSPX, #newsBgfqiodzgj

So they're appealing but anti-Christian govt. still accomplishes its objective in the meantime.
I am sure that the Parishioners would be willing to pay for the fines. The question is can you trust your co-ordinator? What about using money from the Alms Box. Go out and collect monies from bulletin subscribers and apply it to the fines and give the subscribers a free spot. Think ppl, think. And Most of all pray hard.
We can't cower before these instruments of evil! Please fight with the knowledge that God is on our side!