Even Bergoglio Journalist Wonders About Vatican Justice

Andrea Tornielli pointed out on Vatican Insider (July 2) that Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, a former Vatican diplomate, who never touched a child, was condemned to five years in jail for cyber crimes while serial homosexual abusers did not spend one night in a cell. Tornielli calls this a “paradox”. The correct term would have been “injustice".

Tornielli connects this with the case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick whom John Paul II promoted from Metuchen to Newark and later to Washington making him a cardinal, although there were allegations of homosexual abuse against McCarrick while he was bishop of Metuchen which resulted in financial settlements with two complainants.

But then, Tornielli could also have asked why John Paul II made cardinals like Casaroli, Bernardin, Danneels, Martini, Law, Silvestrini, Congar, Tettamanzi, Schönborn, Re, Kasper, Maradiaga, Hummes, Murphy-O’Connor, Lehmann or O’Brien.

Picture: Andrea Tornielli, © Medol, CC BY-SA, #newsNipjwzyrqk