"Enough Killing" - Cardinal Pizzaballa visited Gaza

After a visit to Gaza from 15-19 May, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, issued a statement on Lpj.org saying that he was "among my people who are currently suffering much from the war and the destruction it has left behind".

Despite this, he saw "hope and optimism" in the eyes of the people who had been living under heavy bombardment for months. They told the Cardinal: "We will stay here. As long as the Church is with us, we are not afraid". Pizzaballa was impressed by this attitude.

He visited the conditions of the Catholic community in Gaza: "The level of destruction I have seen is unbelievable, and the poor living conditions, such as the lack of water and electricity and the lack of security, are terrible."

"The sound of bombing is frequent and felt at every moment".

Pizzaballa celebrated Pentecost with the parish in Gaza and administered the sacrament of Confirmation to two parishioners.

His message to the decision-makers: "Enough killing! The war must end, and avenues for various forms of aid must be opened".


Only solution now every body leave Gaza or be killed and live to fight another day