Francis: "No" There Will Be No Deaconesses in the Church

Francis told Norah O'Donnell (60 Minutes) in the 20 May interview that there will be no deaconesses.

He added: "If they are deacons with holy orders, no."

And: "Women have always had, I would say, the function of deaconesses without being deacons, right? Women are of great service as women, not as clergy".

In other words, there will be "deaconesses" in a "different sense" to create more confusion, as has already happened with Amoris Laetitia and the homosexual [pseudo] blessings.


Billy F
Acta Non Verba. Ignore what he says and watch what he does!
True Mass
Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.
False prophet
Sandy Barrett shares this
Francis is all over the place. He needs the chaos, he needs the tension, he needs the contradictions.
All Saints
He needs a pine box.
This isn’t the first time he’s said “no” staunchly and emphatically to women receiving Holy Orders—thank God. At least it’s one Dogma he’s defended against the modernist heretics who would utterly destroy the Priesthood by imposing illegal and invalid “priestesses” upon the Church. We must be thankful for small mercies and count our blessings whenever they are bestowed.
Tony M
He is playing you @SonoftheChurch....and you are falling for it.
Nothing he says can be trusted!!! Jorge is a modernist heretic!!!
Wilma Lopez shares this
No to women deacons “if it is deacons with holy orders” 🇻🇦
John A Cassani
What would be the point of it then?
James Manning
We're definitely getting "deaconesses" then.
P. O'B
Right. A Francis "no" means wait a while and it will be a "yes."
The Francis pontificate has a track record of saying one thing then do the other...I think this to be only his latest installment.
Did he have his fingers crossed?