"The government takes care of you"

"The government takes care of you" - The difficulty of looking at reality head-on - Miles Christi, 07/31/2020.

The vast majority of people cannot or do not want to understand what is happening, despite the fact that everything shows with clear clarity the flagrant abnormality and the arbitrary, surreal and dehumanizing nature of the situation we have been going through since March. Surely it is a psychological defense mechanism, by which it is preferred to look away from what could be disturbing or disturbing. But the reality must be seen from the front. And this reality, difficult as it is for us to accept it, is that, for almost five months, the sanitary totalitarianism imposed by the global powers in each country, kidnaps our lives, destroys economies, overwhelms personal liberties and ruins the health of the population. people. And this must be proclaimed to the four winds. Our honor and our freedom goes to it.

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“El gobierno te cuida”

The practiced speech, of an intolerable arrogance and authoritarianism, and worthy of a terrifying dystopian novel, is, broadly speaking, the following:

"Stay at home. Maintain social distance. Put on the mask. Line up to enter the supermarket. Ask the government for permission every time you have to leave your home. Don't use public transportation if you're not an "essential" worker. If you are in the Federal Capital, do not even think of going to the Province of Buenos Aires, and vice versa, even if your family and friends live on the other side of the General Paz highway. If you do not have covid -which degree of lethality is infinitesimal-, do not go to hospitals -which are empty, they canceled the shifts given months ago and do not attend to new consultations- and God help you if you are part of 99, 99 percent of the sick suffering from other ailments. But do not hesitate to resort to their services if what you want is an abortion, because that is an "essential" service -especially in times of "pandemic" - and a true "human right".

The freedom of worship, work and movement, on the other hand, are no longer: you will only exercise them to the extent that you have the approval of the all-powerful state power. Do not meet friends or visit your family. Let the elderly cope as best they can - many will die of sadness, but the death certificate will include "by coronavirus". That the children do not go to school, nor to the parks, nor see their friends. That they rot the brain with huge doses of TV, internet and video games. And that they get used to never leaving within four walls and leading a life of unhealthy confinement and total physical and mental passivity. And you, don't work, that's how your company, your finances and those of the country sink; in this way, everyone will depend on the state subsidy and will not dare to question the government's policies.

Do not develop your critical spirit or be tempted by the siren songs of dissent: you have to absolutely believe what the system's news and media say, and repeat it like a parrot to everyone. When you hear alternative versions that dare to question the veracity of the official account, you should not fall into the trap: it is despicable fake news and dangerous plotting delusions. When the Bill Gates vaccine arrives, to immunize yourself against an artificial virus - which by then will have mutated and therefore will have no use (except to modify your DNA, with a view to weakening your immune system, so the billionaire "philanthropist" can continue your lucrative business as a universal vaccinator) - be a good citizen and trust us, who, as you well know, only pursue your well-being.

If you comply with the rules of the game, we will leave you alone, and you can continue living without major shocks in the physical and mental prison that we have assigned you. But if you dare to insubordinate yourself, we will bring down on you the full weight of the law - for the sake of the common good, of course - to neutralize your asocial selfishness and weaken your conspiracy reticences. Don't forget that soon you should have your digital vaccination card up to date; otherwise, administrative, judicial and financial retaliation will make you an outcast: you will suffer countless material difficulties, you will be mocked by the conformist mass and you will have to live in increasing and exhausting social isolation.

To finish, we want you to be clear that all of this is done for you, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of the “new normal” that we have decided to establish, destroying your previous life, shattering your past, disrupting your habits and weakening your ties, to follow to the letter the directives received from our World Cup masters, without whose subsidies we could not even dream of staying in power. Finally, we vow that you can enjoy this “happy world” that we have prepared for you and yours, without consulting you, and from which, for sure, you cannot escape. But remember the essence of our message, so that this is the sure guide of your steps from now on: everything we have done, since the beginning of this "health crisis", has always been looking after your well-being. Signed: Big Brother. (I am always watching you). ”

Conclusion: I consider it essential to understand that we are facing a gigantic operation of social engineering and mental manipulation, unprecedented in the history of humanity. Firstly, due to its geographical extension and, above all, due to the highly sophisticated technological tools for population control and brainwashing of the masses available to the authors of this sinister “plandemia”.

Authentic aggression against humanity, meticulous intelligence maneuver of global, criminal and totalitarian power, planned and triggered by international organizations, which the puppet governments we suffer, supposedly "democratic" and "sovereign", subserviently and without any kind of spirit critical. Sad and harmful lackeys of the lords of the world, from whom they await with avidity and dishonor to receive the constant and sonorous rewards that the masters usually lavish on their diligent slaves.

We are witnessing a global subversive operation, the sole objective of which is to go one step further - perhaps decisive this time, given the unprecedented torpor and passivity exhibited by the human herd - towards the political and monetary unification of the planet, for the exclusive benefit of the elite. International finance company, whose visible face is incarnated by falsely tycoons "philanthropists" and supposedly "humanists", such as Bill Gates, whose lucrative foundation promotes abortion, gender theory and the reduction of the world population everywhere.
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