France: Two Seminaries Close, More To Follow

Bordeaux Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, France, will close his seminary in September due to the low number of seminarians, he announced in a May 18 statement.

Ricard labelled the decline as a "delocalization" of formation, not the "end of the road." The currently ten Bordeaux seminarians will continue their studies in Toulouse, Rome or elsewhere.

Earlier this year, Lille diocese announced the closing of the seminary in summer.

There are thirty seminaries left in France. Only half of them have more than 15 seminarians.

Picture: Jean-Pierre Ricard, © moi, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsYpahtuqvrc
Dr Bobus
As the Novus Ordo French priesthood declines, Fontgombault & daughter houses, the SSPX and FSSP continue to grow.
Looks like the end of the road to me.
Francesco Federico
Meanwhile, Bergoglio cries his useless "crocodile tears":
Lacrime di coccodrillo- Les larmes de crocodile