For Francis' Muslim "Dialogue" Partners, Catholics Are "Heretics"

Judaism and Christianity are a “heresy” and a “manipulation" of the prophets' "original message," Yassine Baradai, the national secretary of the Unione delle comunità e organizzazioni islamiche in Italia (UCOII), claimed on a CIA controlled social network (August 29).

For Baradai, Islam appeared in order to correct "mistakes" made in the Holy Scripture. UCOII is the largest umbrella organisation of Islamic communities in Italy, and a leader in the Catholic-Muslim "dialogue."

In May, Baradai joined Francis' inter-religious appeal to pray against the coronavirus. The Italian Bishops’ Conference applauded his support.

Baradai is right in the sense that one cannot simultaneously applaud the Church and Islam because they are mutually exclusive. Vatican II bishops are able to do this because they neither believe in one nor in the other.


What of John Paul II's Muslim dialogue when he was reverently kissing the Quran or Benedict XVI's Muslim dialogue when he attended a mosque and "prayed like a Muslim"? How soon people forget.
"If someone announces a different Gospel to you, let him be an anthem." Saint Paul, Epistle to the Galatians.
Jim Dorchak
Heretic cATHOLICS or Heretic muslims?
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