Francis Names Prince of Oligarchs to Congregation for Bishops

Francis appointed on July 20 Río Gallegos Bishop Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva, 53, Argentina, as a member of the Congregation for Bishops.

In his new function, García will have a crucial influence on who will be appointed a bishop. García is a homosexualist, a prince of the oligarchs’ media, and a Francis follower.

In August 2012, he baptised the surrogate children of the homosexual TV celebrity Roberto Carlos Trinidad, who dresses like a woman and lives in a pseudo-marriage with a dentist.

The poor twins were born by a poor surrogate mother. The baptism was designed to generate headlines in the oligarch media.

In February, García tolerated a homosex pseudo-marriage which was staged in a church of his diocese.


There is only one Church @De Profundis That is our strength and will always be their downfall.
De Profundis
So it is between the TLM Catholics and the LGBT Church a la Bergoglio
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Will he be the new Prefect of Congregation for Bishops? Mons. García Cuerva blessed a sodomitic marriage parody of a celebrity Argentine travestite. He will select new bishops worlwide.