Will Novell Think of Something Crazy?

Former Solsona Bishop Xavier Novell was the “most fervent bishop” in Catalonia in recent times, and one of the most committed Spanish bishops, GerminansGerminabit.Blogspot.com (September 19) writes.

The blog describes Novell as a “man of faith” with an “enormous force of attraction” who “breathed faith from every pore” while “the [Francis] Church breathes faithlessness from every pore.”

Unlike Novell, most Spanish bishops are functionaries, no one expects more from them least of all Francis, the blog explains admitting that Novell’s faith was contaminated by his nationalist Catalan faith to the point that at the Catalan La Patum festival in Berga he dressed up as a devil.

Novell’s alleged muse, Silvia Caballol, could face expulsion from the college of psychologists for having an affective relationship with Novell “when he was her patient,” ReligionDigital.org (September 19) writes.

Further, Silvia’s Moslem ex-husband says that the Church robbed him of custody of their three children because their marriage was dissolved in the ecclesiastical courts of Solsona when Silvia already knew Novell. Beforehand, Silvia had asked Solsona Diocese for a dispensation to marry a Muslim “under pressure from her mother, a very religious woman.”

However, the Francis Church has little regard for indissoluble sacramental marriages, and much less so for non-sacramental marriages.

Novell allegedly is looking for an employment, but employers are turning their backs on him for fear of the media. Therefore, the bishops fear that Novell might break down and even “think of something crazy.”


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