De Profundis
The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham has issued an official confirmation. It’s a joy to welcome Michael Nazir-Ali into the Ordinariate and soon, please God, into the Catholic priesthood. As an Anglican friend of mine said, “he’s an intellectual, spiritual and moral giant.”
It is not "tradition" to question someone's return to the church ,but rather to accept such until there is good reason for doing so. If you have information about the disengenuousness of his conversion you should say so otherwise welcome him and become a little more traditional yourself.
Defeat Modernism
Sadly, he's still not a Catholic. He's a Novus Ordo 'Catholic' which is a blend of protestantism, modernism and communism. None of it is Catholic. Pray for his conversion to Tradition.
This year two former Anglican bishops converted to Catholicism. Jonathan Goodall and Michael Nazir Ali.
‘The Church, in particular, should help in the forming of moral consensus on the basis of the Christian Tradition rather than succumbing to libertarian pressure.’ - Michael Nazir Ali, Former Anglican bishop who converted to Catholicism.