Curia Homosexualist Again Pushes For Anti-Catholic Law

The controversial Curia Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, a homosexualist has again endorsed the Italian Legge Zan, an oppresive bill whose goal is to shield homosex propaganda from being debunked.

Paglia told the anti-Catholic (July 1) that the bill “addresses a real issue" claiming “too many attitudes of discrimination based on sex.” Paglia didn't back this allegations with facts. However, he admitted that the bill reads “more like a manifesto” and could have been "written better."

Throughout Europe, such laws - which can be compared to blasphemy laws in Islamist countries - are used to persecute Christians who proclaim the Gospel.

Picture: Vinzenzo Paglia, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTwgznhghqb

Can’t argue with that.