Advertising the Rich: Francis Get Himself Entangled in Contradictions

Pope Francis said during a December 8 "surprise" visit to the headquarters of the controversial Roman daily Il Messaggero that he gets “much of his information” from this paper.

He added that he reads the Messaggero in the morning before work. And, “It is the only newspaper I read.”

Il Messaggero is a leftwing newspaper owned by the oligarch Franco Caltagirone, son of a rich family whose fortune is 2.5 billion dollars and who personally led Francis through the building. Il Messaggero is anti-Church but Francis friendly.

In May 2015 Francis told the Argentinian daily Voz de Pueblo: “I read only one newspaper, [the anti-Catholic] La Repubblica” - the Roman competitor of Il Messaggero.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsQbccpndnsb