Again: Francis Commands And Then Blames Those Obeying Him

Live-streamed Masses without people are a danger and “gnostic,” Francis rambled during his live-streamed April 17 Mass without people.

He pontificated that the sacraments cannot be virtual, “This is not the Church, it's a Church in a difficult situation.”

Antonio Socci reminds on that Francis has a pattern of ridiculing those who obey him. The closing of the churches is for Socci the most recent example.

Francis first demanded from the clergy obedience to the State which wanted the closing, and received the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Now, Francis seems to have changed his position because the faithful are unhappy, and the coronavirus has blacked out the hierarchy, including Francis.

Accordingly, he is dumping the responsibility for the live-streamed "gnostic Church" on the [stupid] bishops who obeyed him.


Two years ago our SSPX priest confirmed, watching a Mass from anywhere else other than from the pew, is not assisting at the holy sacrifice of the Mass.
You're not missing anything @Jungerheld Watching a Mass is not the same as attending one. Anymore than watching an orchestra play means you were at the concert.
I don't know what I would do without our 24/7 Eucharistic adoration. T.V. Mass I'd rather skip. Enough of this...