Vatican Abuse Summit Was “Gigantic Cover-Up of Massive Cover-Up” - Michael Voris

The Vatican abuse summit was a “gigantic cover-up of a massive cover-up” - Michael Voris stated during a February 22 coverage of the event.

Voris refers to the McCarrick case. According to him the Vatican avoided a thorough investigation because McCarrick was a kingmaker for decades. Therefore, such an investigation would uncover a lot of uncomfortable truths.

About the two McCarrick Cardinals Cupich and Tobin, Voris asks, “What is it about these men that McCarrick wanted advanced in the upper echelons of the hierarchy?"

Voris also names the McCarrick Cardinals Farrell and Wuerl. He is convinced that they hide information while asserting that they were “surprised” by the news abut their mentor.

Voris recalls that a proposal during the U.S. Bishops’ November meeting to institute a lay-led investigation in order to get to the bottom of the McCarrick case was stopped by the Vatican. Cupich said that this issue would be sorted out at the abuse summit.

But this didn't happen becase, Voris believes, there was never an intention to do so.

Rather: Something public needed to be done in order to give the appearance that something was done.

Picture: Blase Cupich, Theodore McCarrick, #newsKlrsjzuplg
It´s a very clever observation made by Michael Voris. No one was really interested in uncovering the true cause of the abuses, nor the biggest abusers. I am sure everyone in the surrounding of McCarrick new about his "problem". Such a shame this abuse summit 🤦
So we have names, Cupich, Farrell, Tobin. Will you further cooperte with them, Bishop Strickland?