SSPX Superior: Abu Dhabi Declaration Is “House Built on Sand”

Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration is a “house built on sand”, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), Father Davide Pagliarani wrote in a February 24 statement.

The text is co-signed by his assistants, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta and Father Christian Bouchacourt.

The declaration claims that the different religions are "willed by God". Pagliarani calls this an "impiety" despising the First Commandment.

He adds that it opposes the dogma that the Catholic religion is the only true religion. Pagliarani concludes that it is therefore a “heresy.”

Picture: Davide Pagliarani, Alfonso de Galarreta, Christian Bouchacourt, #newsTsphpneron
Thank you Eva. A good statement.
CatMuse where is this statement? I can't seem to find it anywhere