This Is The Same Francis Bishop Who "Presided" Over Beach Mass

The bulk-consecrator seen on the picture is Oscar Miñarro, 58, an auxiliary bishop in Merlo-Moreno, Argentina.

The picture shows Miñarro when he was a parish-priest in the diocese of Merlo-Moreno.

He continued celebrating sacrilegious Masses as a bishop. His last public sacrilege was a sitting beach Mass during the January Panama World Youth Day.

Miñarro was named a bishop by Francis in September 2016. Already decades before this, he was a publicly known heretic who opposes priestly celibacy, supports gay pseudo-marriage, calls the Church "homophobic", and denies that human life begins at conception.

Dr Bobus
He seems to be breaking a giant mushroom.
That's what I thought. Tragic to see the Eucharist reduced to this sort of circus-like parody of a genuine Mass.
It is their very intention to make a mockery of all things Catholic; especially the Blessed Sacrament.
Pray for him He’ll is Hot!!!!