Leaked: Vatican Questionnaire For Finding Potential Bishops

The Congregation for Bishops sent a questionnaire to the nunciatures in order to assist them in finding potential candidates for the episcopate, reports SeteMargens.com (September 17).

In the last decades, the overall quality of new bishops has been abysmal. The questions ask about:

• physical appearance and health
• intellectual capacity, character and sense of responsibility
• formation, virtues, piety
• behaviour, moral conduct, social skills and “relationship with government authorities”
• spoken languages, written books
• orthodoxy, Adherence to the Doctrine, especially male-only priesthood, and sexual ethics
• fidelity to Francis and the Vatican
• pastoral skills like preaching, ecumenical spirit and attention to the poor
• dealing with homosexual abuses, if there are “reasonable (especially public) criticisms” concerning such cases
• administrative capacity like use of Church property

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsJozhmmtlbk

The seventh queston being the deciding factor. ;-)
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