Crowd Gathers In Front Of Closed Cathedral, Asks for Free Worship

Many Catholics gathered on November 8 in Nantes, France, demonstrating for freedom of worship.

A huge crowd (video below) – but no bishop and priests among them - stood in front of the closed cathedral. They suggested to demonstrate for free worship everywhere in France next Sunday.

The French government has forbidden public worship in the country due to Covid-19.


Check this out! I love the French!
Of course there is no bishop or priest among them. Gutless, spineless wonders. They are afraid of men. They better be afraid when they meet the Master.
well said. These "leaders" r cowards and traitors.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Tyranny in London, Remembrance Day Service today
Tyranny in London, Remembrance Day Service today
Two more pictures of the crowd: Cette situation ne peut pas durer.