Les Crispi

'Pope' at Candlemas: No Going Back

Pope Francis at Candlemas: "The temptation today is go to back and conserve traditions, but with rigidity. Rigidity is a perversion. Behind every form of rigidity lies grave problems No returning to the past. No rigidity. Let us open our eyes."

Antipope Bergoglio hates "rigidity", which means, basically he hates rules. He hates dogma. THis is why he blesses coca leaves, worships a demon, marries people on planes, doesn't care about the sanctity of marriage, curses like a sailor , denies hell (that would be too rigid!) and is, right now, accomplishing the one goal his father, Satan, wants more than anything: the destruction of the Mass of the Ages.

Go ahead, defenders. Try and lead me into your circular logic, try to destroy me with mockery, try to project and gaslight. It is all so much empty gnashing of teeth.

You lost. The only question is how many millions of misled Catholics will join you. THat is how great Bergoglio's sins are.

Bergoglio is an antipope and the arch heretic, trying his best to bring the anti-Church to fruition. Pray for guidance, then act.
Rand Miller
If Francis doesn't go back to the Faith, he's bound for hell.
Being traditionalist is keeping the Faith given to us by Jesus through the appostles not rigidity
Live Mike
I don't understand why those who see & hear such things coming from the current occupant of the Chair of Peter continue to be apologists for such objectively indefensible statements. One wonders could any absurdity be declared or outrageous act be performed by the current occupant to cause them to stop, re-evaluate, and ask themselves, "Exactly who and what am I really defending?"