Seriously? French Archbishop “Serious” About Female Bishops

To become a bishop, "whether one is a man or a woman," is to be given the ability "to decide and to lead,” Poitiers Archbishop Pascal Wintzer, France, wrote on (June 25) in the context of Anne Soupa’s mock candidacy for becoming Lyon Archbishop.

Somebody needs to tell Wintzer that women cannot become bishops.

At the same time he claims the oppoite that power is not the profound nature of the episcopate because bishops "are not first of all leaders".

He calls for a “re-reading" of the ministry of the bishops and for a debate over choices and decisions that need to be confronted in a serious way "just as the issue raised by Anne Soupa is serious.”

There is a danger that Wintzer will not be taken seriously if he continues talking like this.

Picture: Pascal Wintzer, #newsRivdoutdkh

Novella Nurney
The French are just a bit behind the Germans. Fantastic priests and sense of piety or... scorched earth.
Alex A
Answer to what???
Happily, the Catholic Church isn't actively supporting this. It's a "French" thing...…
This is a worthy succesor of Saint Hilary, I'm sure that real super heroe of Jesus Christ is in Heaven watching this, this one will receive some answer.... I hope!!!!!!!!!!!