Bombshell: Cardinal Marx Offers Resignation

The anti-Catholic Cardinal Reinhard Marx, 67, offered his resignation as the Munich Archbishop in a May 21 letter which he published on Friday with Francis’ permission. Francis replied that Marx should continue in Munich until a decision is made and also remain part of Francis' Council of Cardinal Adviserss

Marx wants to devote the next years of his ministry to "pastoral care" - although he was never a parish priest in his life - and work for a "spiritual renewal" of the Novus Ordo Church. For Marx The [Novus Ordo] Church [in Germany] is at a “dead point” - which is true.

He also wants to “share responsibility” for the alleged “catastrophe of sexual abuse by clergy over the past decades” and “feels” personal guilt and co-responsibility due to silence, omissions and too much focus on [his own and] the reputation of the institution. In other words: Marx is totally subservient to the false narrative of the oligarch media.

Therefore, Marx regrets that the “reputation” of bishops in the ecclesiastical and secular sphere has possibly reached a low point - although the German Bishops do everything to please the oligarch media who determin how the ecclesiastical and secular sphere "think."


Marx resigns: Taking responsibility or abandoning a sinking ship?
The only dead point is their faith.
Cuthbert Mayne
He’s going ....... on a diet
bon voyage , are all the other bishops in Germany resigning aswell ???
The Synodal Path "must be continued”
resignation???He should be in prison for allowing homosexual priest abuse. Any person would be in prison for perpetrating this evil act and this heretic millionaire offers resignation. What a joke.
@Tesa "The Spice Must Flow" :D
Why is he running away? I guess we won't know soon!
atreverse pensar
This is a game. This man leaves nothing.