Forbidden Reporting? Pro-gay Activist Attempts at Getting Gloria.tv into Legal Troubles

67-year-old Austrian Karl Öllinger, an ex-socialist and former "Green" MP has filed a complaint with prosecutors against Gloria.tv alleging “incitement to hatred” against homosexuals.

Not reelected as an MP in 2013 Öllinger filled in a vacant seat which he again lost in 2017 when his party failed to reach the election threshold.

Using Colette M. Schmidt of the oligarch newspaper DerStandard.at (September 27), Öllinger expressed anger about Gloria.tv's reporting on the German Bishops' sexual abuse report.

Öllinger/Schmidt insinuate that Gloria.tv "trivialised" the alleged abuses and "collectively" charged homosexuals with them.

Instead, Gloria.tv pointed out that most abuses presented by the bishops are unconfirmed, of insignificant nature or aimed at producing hysteria, adding that a majority of confirmed abuses regard homosexual crimes.

This assessment is mirrored in an 18-page analysis of the report by the German psychiatrist Manfred Lütz showing that the report lists demonstrably false accusations as "abuses" and that the single biggest group of "abuses" (29,5%) regards non-sexual and non-criminal "improper behaviour" which the bishops' report nevertheless equals to rape.

Öllinger/Schmidt further accuse Gloria.tv for having reported about retired bishop elect Gerhard Maria Wagner who in an interview with LaFedeQuotidiana.it (July 31) called practiced homosexuality a “pervert and satanic lifestyle” (“stile di vita perverso e satanico”).

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wake up people they would like us not to have free speech
Joseph a' Christian
McCarrick is one example of a homosexual misusing an honored position, to molest and sexually abuse young Catholic men.
As i recently heard E.Michael Jones in a speech state, the anus is NOT an organ for sex.
More than 80% of the destructive abuse of young men in our Church, is inflicted bh homosexuals.
Jesus strengthen thy faithful, and destroy the hate filled queers.