Priest Suspended For Participating In Pagan Dance (Video)

Bafoussam Bishop Dieudonné Watio, 74, Cameroon, suspended on June 15 Father André Marie Kengne for having taken part in a Bamiléké ritual.

This orgiastic dance is performed by half-naked men and related to ancestor worshiping. It is highly unbecoming for a priest.

Kengne was ordained in 1997 and completed a doctorate in moral theology in 2005 at the Roman Lateran University in Rome about the "The Challenges of Globalisation to Social Justice: The Case of Cameroon."

In July 2015, Bishop Watio appointed him as the Rector of the Catholic Institute of Bafoussam (until 2019). Before he taught ethics at the Paul VI Major Seminary of Douala and at the Douala Saint Jerome Catholic University.


What? I can adore Pachamama here? Why, if...?
"I can not"
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