Italian Philosopher Sharply Criticizes Pope Francis

The Italian philosopher and politician Marcello Pera criticised today Pope Francis in an interview with the newspaper Il Mattino. Pera is an atheist who co-authored a book with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

About Francis' plea for an unlimited acceptance of migrants Pera says, "I don't understand this Pope, what he is saying is beyond any rational comprehension." And, "Why does he insist on a total acceptance? The Pope does so because he hates the Occident, he aims at destroying it and does everything to achieve this goal."

For Pera, Francis' magisterium is "not Gospel but only politics." He adds, "Francis is little or not at all interested in Christianity as a doctrine, in its theological aspect." He considers Francis statements as "strongly secularist."

Pera says, that Francis is not interested in the salvation of souls but in security and social welfare. But "when one goes into the details, he suggests to our states to commit suicide, he invites Europe to no longer be itself, he reflects all South American prejudices toward North America, the market, freedom or capitalism".

For Pera "a hidden schism" is going on in the Catholic world. Francis pursues it "with obstinacy and determination."

Picture: Marcello Pera, © Presidenza della Repubblica, #newsQtosghbsli
Francis is not Catholic. It took me quite a while to actually come to this conclusion, but at this point there is no other conclusion to come to. He is just not a Catholic.
Atheist Pera: "Francis is not interested in the salvation of souls" . If even an atheist can see this, why so many Catholics cannot see it ?