Vatican Document and Bishop's Synod Try to Impose “LGBT”-Propaganda on the Church

Like I've said it comes........the 'queering' of the Church!

Francis, Gay Couples Cannot Form A Family - Abortion Laws Like Nazis

Once in a blue moon he actually says something Catholic only to counteract it with something completely UnCatholic and off the wall!

German Bishop Announces Communion To Protestants - and to Everybody

Rome never seems to call these heretics out......funny that!!
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Francis: Homosexuals Cannot Enter Seminary

This is all part and parcel of Bergoglio's M.O. He thinks we haven't caught on to his 'GAME'.

Youth Synod Will Be Manipulated To Drive An Agenda – Cardinal Burke

He is absolutely correct. I wish he would publicly admit that it is THE POPE who has his foot on the gas pedal behind all this.
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Benedict XVI's Secretary Calls Cardinal Marx “Not Enlightened”

Caroline A03..."If they are fake accounts-then why no threatened law suit from the Vatican?".....they only threaten law suits with faithful Catholic bloggers:)

Unjust: All Chilean Bishops Resigned – No Individual Case Will Be Investigated

This is a 'set up' of some kind. We will see what 'The Francis' does. Francis also told Juan Carlos Cruz, if we can believe reports, that his homosexuality was 'God ordained'. That 'God made him that way', and to 'embrace who he is'. If this is true, Francis is paving the way for his ultimate goal and the ultimate goal of his ordain homosexual relations as 'God given' within the … More

German Bishop: „Gays Are Wanted By God“

Bishop Schepers: YES, INDEED, 'Gays are wanted by God'...........TO GIVE UP THEIR MORTALLY SINFUL LIFESTYLES!!!!!!!!! You are, by your words, leading many souls to HELL. Are you not afraid of your own personal judgement???????????????
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Met Gala: Cardinal Dolan Makes a Fool Out of Himself

Wow! He didn't "detect" anyone out to offend the Church?? I wonder what he considers really offensive??? I would hate to see it!!! Because these 'Hollywood elites' were 'gracious' and sweetly approachable, they were not out to 'offend' the Church? Satan has such tactics.

Cardinal Burke: The Church runs the risk "of a schism"

A 'schism' Cardinal Burke??? There is ALREADY a schism and it's growing and coming to the surface by the DAY!!! I cannot understand why the 'terror' of the thought of 'creating a schism'!! IT'S ALREADY HERE!!!!!
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Francis Wants "Unanimous Agreement“ On Protestant Communion

I didn't realize this until the other day, but Germany had been ALREADY giving Communion to Protestants for many years now. They just want to 'formalize' their sacrilege.

Francis' "Counterattack" Against Those Who Oppose His Heresies

I wonder if he's ever heard of 'THE CHURCH MILITANT'??
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Francis' "Counterattack" Against Those Who Oppose His Heresies

He can 'attack', 'attack', 'attack', all he wants, it will only EMBOLDEN the faithful to fight with more intensity and fierceness against his 'remaking of the Church of Christ'. We will NOT STAND SILENT AGAINST BERGOGLIO'S PLAN OF 'RESHAPING' THE WORDS OF JESUS.
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Brazilian Bishop Speaks In Masonic Lodge

He's got to be a Freemason himself. SOOOO many are!
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Francis on his knees without much effort, quickly, and needing nobody's help

And so.........he CAN kneel, even without much EFFORT or ANY assistance! So why doesn't he kneel before the Blessed Sacrament? He doesn't believe in the REAL PRESENCE. There's no other explanation.
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French Sisters Persecuted By the Vatican

Years ago I realized that Catholics would be persecuted. I just didn't realize at the time that a good majority of persecution would come from WITHIN the Church of Christ. These prelates at the top that persecute their own are not Catholic AT ALL! They really don't have a Catholic bone in their bodies. They are the enemies from WITHIN.
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