Brazilian Bishop Speaks In Masonic Lodge

He's got to be a Freemason himself. SOOOO many are!
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Francis on his knees without much effort, quickly, and needing nobody's help

And so.........he CAN kneel, even without much EFFORT or ANY assistance! So why doesn't he kneel before the Blessed Sacrament? He doesn't believe in the REAL PRESENCE. There's no other explanation.
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French Sisters Persecuted By the Vatican

Years ago I realized that Catholics would be persecuted. I just didn't realize at the time that a good majority of persecution would come from WITHIN the Church of Christ. These prelates at the top that persecute their own are not Catholic AT ALL! They really don't have a Catholic bone in their bodies. They are the enemies from WITHIN.
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If they think their coffers are empty now, just let them pull a stunt like this! Those collection baskets would be a sad sight indeed!!

Cardinal: Opposing Mass Immigration Is "the Greatest Sin”

This man should be STRIPPED OF HIS COLLAR. He's not Catholic, he's a militant ATHEIST.
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Francis "Worst Pope Ever" - Philosopher Argues

I agree with you Mr. Rist!! Worst one in my lifetime anyway!

Pro-Gay Prelates Oppose Bishop Laun

The 'Gay Mafia' rides again!!! There are more active homosexuals in the Vatican than non.

I resigned "for the good of the Church", Pope Benedict says

Indeed......"Because of his AGE"........ I say B.S. It may have been part of the reason, but what was the REAL reason, Benedict?????

Littlejohn who fights forced abortion in China reacts to Sorondo's outrageous claim

Well, because they're not actually Catholic......welcome to the ANTI CHURCH.
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Francis Sets A New Negative Record

"It seems that Francis (and his suite) has to learn it the hard way" thinks it's way too late in the game for that.....he's already collected his 30 pieces of silver, and now he has to 'deliver'.
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This doctor has performed 1,200 abortions.

And our very own 'Catholic' Senators in the U.S. just voted to lift the ban on this barbaric procedure?? So that this kind of mutilation of a LIVING BABY would be allowed to go on?? If the Bishops of these barbarian 'Catholic' Senators do not PUBLICLY AND OFFICIALLY EXCOMMUNICATE these scum bags, they themselves are not really 'Catholic' Bishops.
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Dirty China-Vatican Deal Ready To Be Signed

They have been paid their 30 pieces of silver.
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Dirty China-Vatican Deal Ready To Be Signed

It. Has. To. Be. All. About. THE. MONEY.
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Absurd Justification, Vatican Calls Order Of St Gregory An Insult

If these 'Vatican officials' expect us to believe THIS ONE, they are the IDIOTS!!
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Francis’ Airplane-Wedding Was Planned Beforehand

I suppose he and his cronies thought this would be a perfectly HEARTWARMING event that would tug at the heartstrings of the faithful. Oh LOOK how 'sweet' is 'the Francis' for wanting to 'marry' these two in 'the Church' validly!! How he truly 'cares' about marriage, not to allow one more minute of their 'irregular' marriage, so let's do it right now!! On the plane!!! I guess they thought this … More
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