I only know one archbishop who dares to say what he really thinks, and that's Lenga! But nobody talks about it, not even the traditional press, and why? Because Archbishop Lenga said Bergoglio is the Antichrist! Only one exception: Gloria.TV here: Archbishop Who Criticised Francis, Suspended & there: Archbishop Lenga Will Not Respect Sanctions
F M Shyanguya
From the Deposit of Faith, which doesn't have "Cardinals" - cf. Primer on the Hierarchy in the Catholic Church, a correction doesn't require a group, in fact, only one Bishop is required à la St. Paul. Cf. Bishops: Be Brave before Pope Francis as Paul before Peter | Online Petitions
Usually when those in authority fail to do the right thing they may have skeletons in the closet. I hope this is not the case.
More excuses.
It's what I said a long time ago....there were only 2 remaining Dubia Cardinals and possibly no others that had any gonads. And even Brandmuller backed out. "There will be those who should speak that will remain silent". Our Lady of Quito (I believe)
Arthur McGowan
Burke should say what needs to be said, get excommunicated, and then ignore it.