What A Sign! Christ Drops From the Cross (Video)

Christ dropped from the cross, while anti-Catholic Archbishop Bruno Forte carried it through the streets of Chieti, Italy, on Good Friday.

A Good Friday procession has been held in Chieti under any condition since 842, even when the Germans forbad it in 1944 during Second World War.

However, this year, it was cancelled because of the coronavirus. Forte only carried a cross from the seminary to the cathedral, surrounded by journalists.

Forte was involved in writing the pro-divorce and pro-sacrilege Amoris Laetita and believes that homosexual fornication brings „a special grace to the Church.“


J G Tasan
He should carried a Monstrance (containing the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ) instead!
Claudius Cartapus
Here is the link to the original full video. Liturgia e la Processione del Cristo Morto di Chieti. Arcidiocesi di Chieti-Vasto. Look at 1h19min. The priest in white try to fix at new Jesus on the Cross. As Jesus said in several messages:
« I would come back now, and they would crucify me again! » 🤔
Carolyn johnson
Jesus has spoken.
These unbelievers do like the fine vestments, but not the fine old Mass and its tough teachings.
That is eerie.
I hope the bishop is listening to what Christ is trying to tell him but probably not
The Body of Christ is turned upside down. I wonder how many more of similar incidents are happening?
J G Tasan
Yup; it signifies ...