After his famous line “Who Am I to Judge?” referring to homosexuals being condemned by God and the Church, which became a charter of liberty for the homo movement around the world, Pope Francis has beaten his own record. Every Wednesday he now receives a group of transgender “female” prostitutes to greet them and exchange amiabilities with them. I will present a short chronicle of this new and strange papal routine.

The sea coast close to Rome – particularly the city of Torvajanica – is infested with prostitutes of a special kind: They are men who go through surgeries to look like women; then, with this artificial appearance they steal the “clients” of the female prostitutes who ply their infamous trade in that area. Most of those transgender “women” are South Americans, with many Argentines in their number.

Fr. Conocchia collecting ‘the girls’ to bring to a papal audience

In April 2020, during the restrictions of the so-called Covid pandemic, these transgender prostitutes lost “clients” and were experiencing financial need. They asked the assistance of an area priest, Fr. Andrea Conocchia, pastor of Immaculate Blessed Virgin Church – quite a symbolic contrast… The priest gave what assistance he could but it was not enough; so, he suggested that they write to Pope Francis to ask for his help. Francis was quick to respond. He sent the papal almoner, Card. Konrad Krajewski, to visit Torvajanica and provide for the needs of those anti-natural prostitutes.

As the restrictions of Covid mitigated and those prostitutes returned to their “work,” they expressed the desire to personally thank the Pope for his substantial financial help in those difficult times. Again, they went to Fr. Conocchia, who in turn requested the good graces of Sister Geneviève Jeanningros, who has worked for years with the “marginalized” in that area and knew Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina.

Sr. Jeanningros approached the Pope, who told her: “Bring all of them to me, l want to know them personally.” Since it was impossible to bring all of them at once, given their large number – more than 100 – the priest and sister arranged to bring small groups at least once a month to attend at the papal general audiences in St. Peter’s Square.

‘Claudia,’ foreground, waits to deliver his empanadas to Francis

Fr. Conocchia picks up “the girls” – as he calls them – in the morning, after their night of prostitution, and brings them to the Vatican – a drive of about 18 miles. After their meeting with the Pope, they resume their “professional” life, without any admonishment about their wrongdoing from the sister, the priest, or the Pope.

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The first group visited the Pope in April 2022, but with little publicity. Then another went in June 2022 – “gay pride month” – with great fanfare in order to give publicity to the LGBT agenda. TIA has already covered that encounter. On that occasion one of the transgender men who called himself “Alessia” offered a book he had authored titled The Invisible Girl, in which he relates his great “drama.”

Francis told him that “you did very well in writing this story. It is necessary to tell, inform, because people don’t know.” Later “Alessia” wrote back to thank him for the audience. Francis returned with a message addressing him as “my dear sister” and lamenting that people had prejudices against transgender “females.” He ended by blessing him. My reader can find a photocopy of the manuscript with the English translation here.

Another Argentine transgender prostitute who was received by Francis is “Claudia;” she brought him a gift of some empanadas, a small crescent shaped pastry filled with meat or chicken. At the next meeting with his transgender friends Pope Bergoglio asked them: “Where is Claudia with her empanadas?”

It appears he is so familiar with these people that he is actually eating the food they bring… I wonder about the hygiene in the preparation. Curiously, Francis, who showed such rigor at the possibility of Covid contagion to the point of suspending Masses and the distribution of the Sacraments, now feels perfectly at ease eating the empanadas made by prostitutes who likely do not live in the most antiseptic ambience.

Francis greeting ‘Noemi’ - shortly afterwards he is killed by one of his ‘clients.’ Francis keeps his photo in the papal office

Still another papal acquaintance of this group was an Argentine, “Noemi” Cabral, who can be seen greeting Francis in the photo at right. As usual, after the papal meeting he returned to to his occupation as a “female” prostitute. On October 5, 2022, "Noemi" was found dead, strangled by one of his “clients” in a hotel in Torvajanica where he habitually earns his living. In the next encounter with Bergoglio, Sr. Jeanningros reported the tragedy and gave him a photo of “Noemi.” Later he revealed that he is keeping “Noemi’s” photo in his office.

We know from his own mouth that Francis has a portrayal of Judas in his office. Now, we have learned that he has placed there a photo of a transgender prostitute who was killed in the exercise of his profession. Should he not also add a portrayal of Satan, the marginalized creature par excellence who has been discriminated against for so long?

Transgender ‘female’ prostitutes received regularly by Francis

Independent of this speculation, what surfaces as certain is that Pope Francis is regularly receiving transgender “female” prostitutes at his public audiences. The return of these men to their prostitution in the streets of Torvajanica after their meetings with the Pope speaks of the complacence he has with this practice.

Actually, there is a whole cascade of abominations that Francis approves with these audiences:

- The fact that in truth these men are sinning with other men implies a papal approval of the practice of the homosexual activity, a vice that calls out to Heaven for vengeance;

- The fact that these men have submitted to anti-natural surgeries in order to be castrated and have plastic bags inserted in their chests to simulate women breasts and induce other men to sin with them implies a papal approval of this anti-natural surgery, which is the acme of the previous vice;

- The fact that neither Francis nor the priest nor the nun are combating transgender prostitution makes them promoters of these sins;

- The fact that Francis receives these transgender prostitutes publicly is a indisputable way to promote this abomination, that is, it is a public scandal that induces all Catholics to accept these men – or even to imitate them;

When he receives them publicly, we see that he is overtly promoting the opposite of Catholic Morals and the Ten Commandments. Years ago, when I considered Francis’ constant support for homosexuality I thought we had reached the very bottom of the abyss. I was wrong. That abysm seems timid when I compare it with what he is doing now by regularly admitting transgender prostitutes in his audiences. What remains of Catholic Morals after the papal promotion of these vices against nature?

What else is necessary for the cup of God’s wrath to be full?

Source: Papal Blessing for Transgender Prostitutes by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

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